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. . . if you know what they are and how, when and where to use them. If not, you’re at the mercy of those who want to keep you silent, uninformed and excluded from where they decide your rights, obligations and burdens. It’s those controls, exclusions and secrecy that we’re here to help you defeat.

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If you need to know about the law and how it may be changing, we offer concise “Top 10” reminders in the areas of free speech, open meetings, public records, press rights and whistleblower protections; more detailed summaries, with more emphasis on court rulings; and an extensive knowledge base in an accessible and searchable Q&A format.

If you need to request a public record but would rather not be identified in asking, or want an attorney’s reaction when your request is declined, we offer our SunScribe service; and if you want to ask several experienced attorneys to consider representing you in court on open government, public records, or First Amendment matters, we offer a lawyer directory including a request for proposals function allowing you to contact them all with one communication.


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