advocate Allen Grossman may dismiss his lawsuit against the San Francisco Ethics
Commission and its Executive Director, John St. Croix, if they provide him
with all withheld public records about the Commission's dismissal of 14 complaints referred from the city's Sunshine Ordinance Task Force.

The requested records concern the
Ethics Commission’s summary dismissal of every one of 14 cases from the
Sunshine Ordinance Task Force involving refusals by city officials to correct
documented violations of the open government laws, which the Ethics Commission
was obliged to enforce. 

Kimo Crossman, a
leader in open government advocacy and founder of the Sunshine Posse, said,
"Obviously there has to be 'sunshine' concerning enforcement of the
sunshine laws or the entire concept of open government is rendered
meaningless.  It is my hope that
the fact that these records and the knowledge that they are public will put the
teeth back in the enforcement of sunshine violations and make public officials
more accountable to the public’s right to know.”