OPEN GOVERNMENT — Patrice McDermott, director of, reminds those interested that as of today, February 26, there are "10 days left to indicated your Most Wanted docs."

Please be sure to visit and identify and request a document the federal government (not just the Executive Branch) needs to collect and/or one that it has and needs to make available in a machine-readable format. There are no limits to how many documents you can request. You are, of course, welcome to vote for the ones already listed, but we need your input on what is missing from that list.

CalAware has an entry, and if you would like to see such information go public, go to the site and vote for it.  The idea: a "Roll Credits" annotation of Congressional lawmaking and Executive Branch rulemaking.  Or to put it slightly differently,

A paternity/maternity log annotating the name, title and organization or employer of all individuals—Congressional members, regulatory officials, staff and lobbyists or others—contributing to the addition, amendment or deletion of every provision in the text of every bill or proposed rule, at the time of that addition, amendment or deletion.  While there is no single record of this kind in existence, the information is recorded in scattered (and, within Congress at least, so far confidential) documents that could be easily identified.

By the way, if you do post your own idea(s) for federal documents that need disclosure and/or posting on the Internet, let us know in a comment below, and we'll pass the word.  Again, the deadline is March 9 for both ideas and votes.