This is the full service option for members who prefer that their requests be overseen by a legal expert.

Like the Anonymous service level, Premium service requests are printed on CalAware letterhead and signed by general counsel Terry Francke, but first he will review the request and make adjustments to maximize your potential for success. Your request is then sent to the agency using certified mail with return receipt so that we have record of delivery.

If any part of the request is denied, Mr. Francke will review the denial letter and ask the agency for reconsideration if he feels that the denial was improperly applied. If the agency stands by its original denial, Mr. Francke will provide you with an analysis of their denial and a list of recourse options. This is a complete service package up to, but not including, your decision to litigate (we will provide you a list of attorneys who specialize in the relevant litigation, but we cannot represent you).

Request for Access to Public Records

Request for Access to Legislative Records

Request for Access to Judicial Administrative Records—Local Trial Courts

Ralph M. Brown Act: Cease and Desist Demand

Ralph M. Brown Act: Cure and Correct Demand