• that for years, San Jose police
    never told anyone when fingerprint technicians could not agree about
    whether a suspect's prints matched those taken from the crime scene,
    reports the San Jose Mercury News.
  • that the state's Department of General Services spent $750,000 last summer on a new system to preserve the electronic documents on its computer networks so officials could identify and retrieve them for lawsuits and record requests, but eight months later, it still hasn't put the "eDiscovery system" into service, reports the Sacramento Bee.
  • that during the intense state budget negotiations last year, Democratic lawmakers
    "stole away to an elegant wine-country lodge where the gourmet meals,
    rooms and cocktails" were provided by lobbyists for a trio of interests—trial lawyers, carpenters and firefighters—with much at
    stake in the Capitol, and that soon thereafter, "
    their agendas advanced in Sacramento," reports the Los Angeles Times.