Paranormal investigator Melissa Alvarez, writing in in San Francisco, reports that UFO writer Robert M. Stanley has written a letter to President-elect Obama seeking a disclosure of what the government knows about years of UFO sightings by apparently sober and responsible Americans.  The letter makes an interesting statement about Obama's transition team chief John Podesta and why, although he takes the UFO question seriously, he would probably discourage anyone in public office from letting it be known that he or she does likewise.

Despite the fact that hundreds of people have seen and or photographed non-terrestrial, exotic aerospace craft passing over sensitive areas of Washington, D.C., we are told that officially nothing unusual is going on.
    This situation has got to change. However, I am certain that your transition team leaders, specifically John Podesta, will urge you not to address this issue publicly.
    You see, in 2005, soon after I broke the story internationally of UFOs being photographed over the Capitol, I spoke at length with Mr. Podesta's public relations firm in D.C. because they had issued press releases regarding their desire to end UFO secrecy. Therefore, it seemed like a good idea to contact them because I was looking for a public official to address the UFO situation in D.C. on the record.
    However, I was told by Podesta's people that despite the fact that most of these violation of U.S. airspace by UFOs were witnessed by credible citizens of D.C. and or seen or radar scopes, and or photographed, no one holding political or public office would be willing to officially address the issue.