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Open/Secret Government ? 

Stem cell agency at 3    On its third birthday, says an observer, the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine’s penchant for closed-door grant reviews and secrecy still screens much of the institute’s most important decisions from public view.

CSU Foundation’s perk loans   
California State University President Alexander Gonzalez got generous loans from a campus-related foundation that insists it’s a private corporation and won’t disclose where the money came from.

A cloudy sunshine record   
      An Associated Press report shows Governor Schwarzenegger opposing open government reform as often as not despite his campaign pledge for transparency.

Free Press

Latex limit    The editors of California State University, Fullerton’s Daily Titan are upset because the university will not allow them to distribute condoms in the November 14 issue. ?   

Free Speech? 

Muzzling cops    Police watchdog Mary Shelton of Riverside is among those quoted in a Reason magazine story on the special problems that may arise when law enforcement officers sound off online.

Gagging students    A federal magistrate finds unconstitutional the use of a campus speech code to pursue students who stomped on a Muslim flag during a demonstration.    

Records Released Reveal . . .?

Who said what to UC Irvine Chancellor Michael Drake to get him to rescind—or then renew—his invitation to a “controversial” constitutional scholar to head the campus’s new law school; the San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s plan to offer a power plant funds and help to find a new location.

Open Meetings?   

No need for comment    The Santa Clara County DA finds no Brown Act violation in the denial of public comment on a matter that had been dealt with at two prior Los Gatos Planning Commission meetings.

An “innocent” violation
      The Riverside County DA finds that an e-mail discussion among three of county supervisors was not a deliberate breach of the Brown Act and was cured by a later open discussion.

Open Courts

Sealed justice study    UCLA Law School and the Rand Corporation have launched a joint venture to study secrecy in the nation’s civil justice system.

Secret evidence    Prosecutors will be permitted to secretly present certain recorded surveillance data to a jury in the forthcoming trial of two former officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) who are accused of leaking classified information.