A campaign "to protect and restore public access television studios and channels" has begun in  Los Angeles, reports the Full Discosure Network in a press release. The Public Television Industry Corporation (P-TIC) has launched a website www.ptic.tv to attract supporters and television producers to join the cause.

The website is encouraging visitors who want to join the campaign to enter their addresses on a home page" form to receive email newsletters for updates on developments.  Producers who have television programming to be submitted for airing on public channels can learn how they can participate with PTIC to submit their programs to the public channels.

"P-TIC newsletters feature important hearing dates when the City and County Governments hold budget hearings to disperse the millions of dollars earmarked for public access TV studios that were shut down," says the release. 

"P-TIC newsletters will keep subscribers up-to-date on the issues and remind government officials that state legislative Mandates required PEG funds to be held in trust specifically to provide for public access studios and channels.  

"'PEG' stands for Public, Education & Government and, under state laws, the approximately $30 million in cable and telecom franchise Fees the government entities in Los Angeles area received are to be used solely to support the PEG channels in the area, not converted to other uses."