August 29, 2019

CalAware’s New Public Interest Initiatives

Dear CalAware Today Subscriber,

We really appreciate the continuing interest and support you’ve shown in our efforts to help Californians—voters, taxpayers, public officials and employees, and journalists—to find out, understand and confidently use their rights to open government, free speech and protected reporting.

Now we’re writing to ask your special support for two new CalAware initiatives, both contributing to our growth fund and its capacity building goals.

One initiative is to satisfy a $2,500 matching grant from the National Freedom of Information Coalition, to be used for an overdue update to our four key guidebooks to open government, legally compliant journalism and protection for local citizen watchdogs.

The other is to enable us to partner with college and university journalism programs and law school public service clinics to enlist and train students in projects to:

  • audit and report on the compliance of local and state agencies and courts with the transparency rules they are legally required to observe by the Brown Act, the Public Records Act and the First Amendment;
  • create a series of webinars to train people of all ages, backgrounds and policy priorities how to find out what public officials and agencies are doing—or neglecting—to fulfill the trust that has been given them; and
  • provide concerned or uncertain callers and email inquirers with nonpartisan information, ideas, and resources they need to become engaged, effective and confident citizens and even civic leaders.

Please help us get students involved in our nonpartisan vigilance of the public’s right to know with whatever you think our work—planned, present and past, is worth. Anything you can spare will be very encouraging. Send your check to our address below, or make your tax-deductible gift here. And please forward this appeal to those you know who care as much as you do about transparent, accountable government and authentic, courageous and honest news reporting.

Thank you and best wishes,






Emelyn Rodriguez, Executive Director

Terry Francke, General Counsel

Californians Aware

2218 Homewood Way

Carmichael, CA 95608

(916) 949-4944