Ron Kaye, writing in, reports that the Los Angeles City Council spent yet another session Wednesday going around in "an embarrassing circle" before finally deciding to ask City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo and City  Controller Laura Chick yet again to "stand down" while the council tries to decide what the City Charter means.

The charter issue is whether, as Chick insists, her office has the authority to do performance audits of the elected city attorney and council members, or as Delgadillo insists, her office may audit only city departments run by non-elected heads. Delgadillo has gone to court to fight Chick's subpoenas for information about how his office has performed in handling costly worker compensation cases filed by city employees, and it's her request to the council for funds for her own attorney that led to its "stand down" response.

Chick told the council she was adamant and would not back off.

"The people of Los Angeles," she said, "want transparency and accountability over their taxpayer dollars no matter where those dollars are housed."
    Called back for a second appearance to see if she would back off, a defiant Chick said there was nothing left to talk about: "I will not stand down. I will not step aside. I will not delay."
    It was clear the council did not share her concerns, warning that a controller could use audits to embarrass an opponent and seek politicial advantage. Both Chick and Delgadillo leave office in June and are not seeking another office.

Maybe this has been raised and reported elsewhere, but—Who would Chick have audit the Controller's performance?