Today launches the CalAware Growth Fund campaign, a two month project to raise a minimum $50,000 to assure that your interest in open government, free speech and protected reporting and whistleblowing continues to be served and even expanded.

Concretely, those who’ve phoned,  emailed  or otherwise reached out to CalAware over the years know that it stands ready to help, for example,

  • a reporter kept from a news scene, a government file or a court proceeding or document on grounds that may or may not reflect the law, or facing legal risks or threats in pursuing a story;
  • a parent kept from addressing the school board or denied access to relevant information about what the district did or plans to do;
  • a taxpayer who can’t get answers about how public funds were spent or who played a role in changing or bending the rules that affect your home or business;
  • a teacher threatened with reprisal for speaking her mind, or a student newspaper editor told she has to kill a story.
  • a petition signature gatherer or activist pamphleteer prevented from approaching fellow citizens door to door, on the street or in a shopping complex;
  • a condominium resident who wants to get messages to neighbors about how the homeowners’ association is being run — messages embarrassing to the management;
  • a college student kept out of meetings of student government that decide how his fees are spent or other important campus issues;
  • a neighborhood organizer warned to stop criticizing a project development or face a bankrupting lawsuit;
  • an elected board or council member warned to stop asking inconvenient questions at public meetings, or questioning staff about a constituent’s neglected concerns; or
  • a civic watchdog ordered to stop videotaping the meeting of a public body.

CalAware can be sustained only with your help: a significant donation, a hand in reaching others who “get” active and involved citizenship and know it needs informed support, or (preferably) both.