Thanks for your patience during my vacation break and thanks especially to Jim Ewert, legal counsel for the California Newspaper Publishers Association, for his help filling in with hotline calls.

From now on CalAware Weekly will come—to those who want it no more often than weekly—as a bundle or list of the previous week’s daily posts in the format you see here. Daily more or less; some days there may be occasion and opportunity for more than one post, other days may go by with neither occasion nor opportunity. The style will also be a bit more informal. If you would like to get notice of the new posts as they are added, use the “Subscribe in a reader” link to the right and follow the instructions appropriate to your Web service and preference.

Included with this launch message are the two posts from last week. Feel free to comment on either, or any future post, at the bottom of the item, or otherwise e-mail me your reactions at

Terry Francke