OPEN MEETINGS — The folks at the Modesto Bee plan to spark a little public interest in what's otherwise a pretty dreary subject: the language and other online approaches bureaucrats use to alert the community of the business to be discussed at impending public meetings.  Let them know your favorite worst agendaspeak—or best use of the Internet to highlight coming meetings—by tomorrow.

Under the Brown Act, California's open
meeting law, public agencies are required to provide public notice and
written agendas before the meetings of their elected boards and certain
advisory groups. These days, many agencies do this through their Web
sites —which reduces paper use and should make it easier for the
public to keep track of issues in their communities.

agencies do an excellent job of this; others, not so much. Later this
month, we want to grade the accessibility and clarity of public
agendas. We invite readers' input. Do you read agendas occasionally or
regularly? Which agendas are easy to find and which are not? Which
agencies provide useful backup material and contact information? Which
do not? What other public information should be easy to locate? And is

Please send your thoughts to Judy Sly, editor of the Opinions pages, at by Tuesday, January19.