PUBLIC INFORMATION — Contrasting with the secrecy that
shrouds the cost of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom’s police security detail, the City of Sacramento makes no bones about what it pays to
protect its mayor—and has been asking private firms to beat its cost of using city police.  As reported by Brent Begin for the San Francisco Examiner, 

Now questions have arisen as to why Newsom’s protection costs are
confidential while the celebrity mayor of Sacramento, Kevin Johnson,
has put out a request for a private security company that can beat the
$90,000 a year the city pays in police costs to guard the former NBA

The idea of farming out security to a private firm was initially
proposed by the Sacramento City Council, but the mayor was open to it,
said Steve Maviglio, a spokesman for Johnson.

In San Francisco, police have yet to release the cost of Newsom’s
security detail despite a request from supervisors who were looking to
cut the Police Department’s budget. Records requests from news agencies
have also gone unanswered.

The department claims releasing the costs would jeopardize the confidential security plan.

Newsom has traveled the state extensively, including for his
campaign to be California governor. Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi raised
doubts that those trips were always mayoral business and has continued
to push for transparency.

“If Sacramento can be transparent about their challenging budget
needs such as dignitary security for their mayor, then why can’t ours?”
Mirkarimi said.