OPEN MEETINGS — A confrontation between Council
Members Gary Kraus and Michael Dunsford at the close of a recent Calistoga City Council meeting built on tension begun earlier in the meeting when Kraus had interrupted the proceedings to point out to Mayor
Jack Gingles that Dunsford was “fiddling with
something in his lap,” reports the Weekly Calistogan

Kraus said he thought Dunsford was text-messaging on his cell phone, a practice that Kraus said is forbidden during council proceedings.
    Kraus said Dunsford initially denied that he was texting but later conceded he had been texting his daughter.
Dunsford said that late in the meeting, which ended
at around 10 p.m., he started to write a text message to tell his
10-year-old daughter good night. Kraus “freaked out and made a big
brouhaha during the public meeting,” said Dunsford.

    The issue arose at the meeting when the council was discussing an
issue that has generated some controversy: The question of whether the
nonprofit Calistoga Affordable Housing has a conflict of interest in
the consulting work that it does for the city. The council voted
Tuesday night to return an amended contract to the staff for more
revisions that would attempt to eliminate the conflict. Dunsford seemed
to be at odds with other council members over the need to amend the
agreement by which CAH does the work for the city.