PUBLIC INFORMATION — Governor Arnold  Schwarzenegger's office has refused to release any documents related to a "first-of-its-kind" subnational
energy agreement between California and Jiangsu Province in China, reports blogger Jim Rothstein in Santa Cruz Green Watch.

The October 2009 agreement
calls for several  California regulatory agencies (Cal EPA, the Air Resources Board , the California Energy Commission,and the California Public Utilities Commission), on behalf of the state, to cooperate with their
Jiangsu counterparts in several areas of  energy efficiency, policy,
energy standards, reducing GHG emissions, technology, etc.  

is immediately adjacent to Shanghai and has emerged as a
industrial giant, including laptop, semiconductor and now solar
manufacturing.  GE, for example, recently announced
it is developing a smart grid
demonstration center in Jiangsu.   Numerous California officials and several
private groups related to energy cooperation have traveled to Jiangsu before and since the agreement  was signed.