June 26, 2017

Dear CalAware Today Subscriber,

I hope things have been going well for you lately. As for CalAware, here is an update on our efforts and accomplishments. But one of the things the summary doesn’t mention is that CalAware has never before made an appeal to a wide group of its followers for substantial funding support.

The reason we’re asking now is that for the last three months we’ve been given the rare opportunity to earn a $10,000 matching grant by the end of June, and we hope you’ll help us do so—in effect doubling the impact of your support. You can do so either by joining CalAware as a member or simply making a gift—immediate or testamentary—by midnight this Friday.

So far we’re happy to announce the generous support of Julia Sylva, Los Angeles; Duffy Carolan, San Francisco; Robert Silverstein, Pasadena; Cory Briggs, San Diego; Al McCombs, Chino; Robert Stern, Malibu;  JW August, San Diego; Robert Goldberg, Seal Beach; and Walter Hansell, San Francisco.

Membership options: If you can spare $75 a year, payable in either a lump sum or monthly increments of $6.25, you can become a CalAware Sponsor, with benefits shown here. You’ll also note additional member privileges for higher contributions:
• 15% rebates on publication purchases; responses by phone or email to up to 15 questions or information requests; and special assistance with Public Records Act requests, as a CalAware Advocate at $150 ($12.50 monthly);
• all of the above and more plus a 100 % rebate on any one publication purchase and responses to unlimited email queries as a CalAware Patron at $300 ($25 monthly); and
• all of the above plus attendance and participation at the annual meeting of our Board of Directors as a CalAware Advisor at $1,000 ($85 monthly).

To be clear, apart from membership, a donation in any amount is more than welcome here, but to double its value, be sure to make or pledge it before this Friday, June 30.





Terry Francke