OPEN GOVERNMENT — The City of Encinitas has the distinction of being the first municipality to reject flatly a proposed sunshine ordinance, reports the San Diego Union-Tribune.

At a meeting last week, the council voted 4-1, with Councilwoman
Teresa Barth opposed, not to pursue what is called a “sunshine
ordinance.” Several members said the city has exceeded the requirements
of the state's open-government laws by putting records online,
including campaign finance records.

Barth said she was disappointed in the result, saying an
ordinance would have fostered “a culture of open and transparent

Councilman Jerome Stocks said, “Nobody saw a reason to
actually create an ordinance to describe what we're already doing

The city's website shows a staff report on the proposed ordinance (offered by Barth) but not the text of the ordinance itself.  It is not clear whether the council ever saw it; Barth has said that parts of the staff analysis were withheld.  The newspaper, sold recently as the last remnant of the Copley chain, made no attempt to inform the public of what was proposed either.