week, students on the U.C. Berkeley campus will take part in a special
election with only one question on the ballot: whether to recall John
Moghtader, a student government senator, notes the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California in an editorial.

Moghtader is a proud and loud supporter of Israel. Last year, he
co-founded Tikvah, a Jewish student group intended to counter the
pro-Palestinian presence on campus. Last October, Moghtader and his
Tikvah cohorts noisily disrupted a lecture by the anti-Israel academic
Norman Finkelstein.   

    Then, Moghtader made headlines in November when he was involved
in an altercation between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students,
triggered when the Students for Justice in Palestine group draped a
Palestinian flag over the site of a pro-Israel concert.  

    Though the D.A. declined to press charges, and Moghtader’s role
in the fight remains unclear, we do not condone or excuse any violence
on a college campus.   

    However, the petition to demand Moghtader’s recall from Cal’s
student senate, and the costly special election being held next week,
strike us as an overreaction, likely motivated by ideology.