It’s no an April Fool’s Day prank; it’s a fact. Californians Aware has been pledged a gift of up to $10,000 to match whatever it can raise from other supporters by July 1.

Under the pledge, the donor will provide a check on May 1 matching whatever has been raised this month, on June 1 for the amount contributed in May, and on July 1 for the amount raised in June.

The donor, who’s asked to remain anonymous, says the pledge is meant “to help meet your $100,000 goal to put CalAware on a firm footing to allow you to do what you do best. Hopefully, if we’re successful by June 1, you can make your first $20,000, and then encourage another donor to match another $10,000 in the Summer; another in the Fall, etc.—until, hopefully, you’ve hit the $100,000 goal.”

CalAware President Tim Crews, winner of multiple awards for persistent and courageous reporting, called the pledge “an inspiring recognition of CalAware’s vital contribution to informed self-government in California.

“Unlike most other public interest organizations devoted to protecting civic rights and liberties, CalAware hasn’t seized on every political headline to ‘cry havoc’ unless it receives new funds.

“Instead we’re stressing opportunity in what we’ll call this ‘Spring Sunshine’ campaign—the promise of what our new and most generous donor calls a ‘firm footing’ toward sustainable public service.”

Please make your tax-deductible “Spring Sunshine” contribution either by check to Californians Aware, 2218 Homewood Way, Carmichael, CA 95608; by PayPal; by phoning CalAware at (916) 487-7000 to get a return phone call accepting your credit card information; or by emailing to make the same arrangement.