By Anne Lowe

OPEN MEETINGS – The Los Angeles District Attorney's office has concluded that the Rose Bowl Operating Company did not violate the Brown Act at a recent meeting in which directors discussed renovation plans for the Rose Bowl, the Pasadena Star News reports.

A complaint . . . (had) alleged that the RBOC failed to list an item on the agenda properly at the agency's special Oct. 7 meeting related to the stadium renovation's finance plan.

"The Brown Act says you must give public notice of subject matter of what you are going to discuss," said Jennifer Lentz Snyder, assistant head deputy district attorney of the Public Integrity Division. "In this case, the subject matter was clearly identified in the agenda."

In addition, Snyder said, the RBOC only makes recommendations to the City Council, which is the body that acts as the ultimate arbiter of such decisions.
"There was no decision by the RBOC with regard to the funding source," she said. "It was predominantly informational."

Even if a violation had been found, there would be no way to correct it, she added.
The Oct. 7 RBOC decision cleared the way for the City Council to approve the stadium finance plan and total project on Oct. 11.

The RBOC is a city-created agency that manages the stadium.