PUBLIC INFORMATION — CSU Stanislaus today released the Sarah Palin speaking engagement contract as ordered by the judge in the case brought by Californians Aware, with the following statement by University Counsel Dawn Theodora.

While we appreciate
the court's acknowledgment that foundations remain nonprofit, private
charitable organizations not subject to the Public Records Act, we find his
interpretation regarding the university's 'use' of the contract regarding Sarah
Palin's appearance at the 50th anniversary gala at California State
University Stanislaus to be very puzzling.  It appears that the judge, without direct evidence, made an
assumption based on one email exchange that the Chancellor had in fact actually
seen a copy of the contract, when that is not the case.  

However, since the
court has mandated that the university produce the contract, we will be
requesting that the California State University Stanislaus Foundation disclose
the contract since the university has never had a copy.  The university complied with CalAware's
original request and provided more than 3,000 pages of records in May. 

We are disappointed with the court's
ruling, but will comply with the requirements set out in the order.  In addition, we recognize the
Foundation's responsibility to remain accountable and transparent to the
public, and will continue to provide information relevant to the public about
the operations of the foundation, and also comply with all state and federal
laws that govern nonprofit organizations including auxiliaries.

Yet to be released are university records documenting its costs of providing personnel, equipment, facilities and other support for the Palin event, which the CSU Foundation is required to reimburse.