OPEN MEETINGS — Two remarkable things about this story in Plumas County News: the protracted discussion by the county board of supervisors, entirely in open session, of how much the contract county counsel was being paid as a retainer, and the services that retainer did not cover and thus were being billed separately; and the fact that part of the story could have appeared as a music review.

As if on cue, just as tension was rising in the boardroom, Johnny McDonald’s High Sierra Youth Orchestra broke into a stirring rendition of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Double Violin Concerto” downstairs in the courthouse foyer. The orchestra performs an annual concert in the courthouse during the holiday season.
    Cota was beginning to explain a matter involving the Moonlight Fire that Meacher felt didn’t fit into the “complex litigation” category. He said the firm had to work through the weekend on short notice to prepare for the Monday court appearance.
    “Then I beg you tell me what is covered under the retainer,” Meacher exclaimed as the music began to seep up the courthouse stairs and waft softly into the boardroom.