FREE SPEECH — In the latest twist in a case that could test the limits of free speech on the Internet,
Korbel Champagne Cellars will ask a Sonoma County judge next week to
make Comcast Corp. identify its customers who criticized the wine
company in a Web forum, reports the Santa Rosa Press-Democrat.

Korbel sued the anonymous critics last year for defamation, saying their comments damaged the century-old business.

postings in a Craigslist forum last year accused Korbel of punishing
employees who reported sexual harassment. They also contended the
winery was plotting to cut down redwood forests on its Guerneville
property. Other posts alleged Korbel bribed law enforcement and court
authorities to keep the company out of trouble.

The charges are
false, said Korbel spokesman Terry Fahn. They’ve damaged Korbel’s
reputation, according to its lawsuit filed in Sonoma County Superior

The suit seeks an injunction and unspecified damages.