eBookFront-1Veteran journalists and j-law teachers are praising the new ebook edition for iPad, Kindle and smartphone—available in paperback as well—of the indispensable guide to newsroom law in California.

The CalAware Guide to Journalism Law in California, 2nd Edition, has just been revised to discuss cases decided and legislation passed since 2007 plus new entries devoted to:

• recent limits on closed sessions and remedies to correct violations of the Brown Act;

• getting records of courthouse administration (not just cases);

• online access to court case records;

• texting and other uses of e-devices in the courtroom;

• libel and copyright cautions for using material from the Internet;

• covert audio and video recording for “sting” journalism;

• the latest escalations of anti-paparazzi penalties;

• warranted searches of journalists’ phone and e-records;

• warrantless searches of journalists’ smartphones, laptops and tablets;

• covering volatile protest demonstrations; and

• California and constitutional law protecting college as well as high school journalists.


A 360-page indexed paperback pocket edition will be available in mid-November on Amazon at $24.95. Meanwhile the $19.99 ebook edition (at http://tinyurl.com/me9rshf or in the iTunes store) links every mention of a case or code section to the full text online, as well as the leading Internet resources for using the federal Freedom of Information Act.  And like any other ebook, the format allows for contextual word searching, bookmarking and highlighting.  Both editions also include recommended protests or statements to be used in the field when journalists’ rights of access or independence are threatened.

Reviewers’ Reactions

“More often than not, requests for public information are met with a quick ‘No.’ The CalAware Guide to Journalism Law in California provides a powerful remedy by arming its readers with explanations of the public access laws and tips on how to apply them to best advantage. Every California journalist—and citizen activist, for that matter—should have a copy nearby.”  – Ken Brusic, Editor and Senior Vice President, the Orange County Register

“A thorough and highly informative resource for journalists navigating the constantly changing legal landscape of their profession. It gives clear explanations with live hyperlinks to legal resources for further explanation of legal terminology and developing case law.”  – Elizabeth Larson, Editor and Publisher, www.lakeconews.com

“A terrific guide for working journalists and students learning the business. It’s easy to locate the information and it’s written so a layman can understand it. The go-to resource on journalism law in California.” – JW August, Senior Investigative Producer, 10News/KGTV, San Diego

“Terry Francke has been a tireless source of sage legal advice for journalists, and this book contains literally a lifetime of legal expertise condensed into 360 easily searchable pages. It ought to be required reading in every J-school and a desktop companion for journalists at every level.”  – Jackie Ginley, Freelancer, Truckee 

“As a small community newspaper committed to holding public officials accountable, we have relied on CalAware for over 20 years for guidance on our rights to obtain information from local government. This new edition is well organized, up-to-date, and highly informative. I strongly recommend it for everyone in the media in California—purchase it, read it, use it!”  – Dave Scholl, Editor and Publisher, Dixon’s Independent Voice 

“In addition to advising you on your rights to access public meetings and government records, this helpful resource offers tips for covering court proceedings and law enforcement stories. It also tells you what you need to know to avoid libel, slander, or invasion of privacy claims. A question and answer format makes material easy to read, while bold-faced phrases link to documentation and details. I will definitely be recommending that all of our news organization’s reporters and freelance journalists get it.”  – Miriam Raftery, Editor, East County Magazine, La Mesa 

“CalAware’s Journalism Law in California is the single best go-to resource on the subject.  It gathers in one place everything the journalist needs to know about the sea of laws she swims in every day.  Written by a lawyer expert in journalism law, its Q&A style makes that body of law completely accessible to the lay reader.  It’s an excellent resource of students and professionals alike.   Along with The Elements of Style and the AP Stylebook, this is sure to become part of every journalist’s professional library.”  – James Wheaton, Adjunct Faculty (Journalism Law) at the Graduate Schools of Journalism at UC Berkeley and Stanford University