Californians Aware has succeeded in raising more than $10,000 from April 1 to June 30 in response to a matching gift challenge from a long-time major supporter.

CalAware President Tim Crews said he was “delighted with this vote of confidence from those who appreciate what it takes to educate and encourage the government to stay transparent to the public it serves–and take it to court when it fails that mandate.

“Free speech and press rights must also never be taken for granted, central as they are to keeping matters of public concern reported, understood and debated as the minimum conditions for democracy.  Our donors—above all the benefactor who made the campaign possible—well understand that such freedoms are never free.  They get it,and we humbly thank them.”

Those contributing to the campaign are, in alphabetical order:

JW August, San Diego; Kelly Aviles, La Verne; Dan Borenstein, Walnut Creek; Cory Briggs, San Diego; Lorayne Burley, San Diego; Duffy Carolan, San Francisco; Donna Frye, San Diego; Robert Goldberg, Seal Beach; Walter Hansell, San Francisco; Vladimir Ivanovic, Los Altos; Daniel Laidman, Los Angeles; Paul Magginetti, San Carlos; Allen McCombs, Chino; Jean Miller, Dixon; John Moores, San Diego; Kathleen Moran, San Diego; Marjorie Murray, Oakland; Ourania Riddle, Dixon; Emelyn Rodriguez, Sacramento; Jack Shaw, Mount Shasta; Robert Silverstein, Pasadena; Sally Smith, San Diego; Mark Stechbart, San Jose; Robert Stern, Malibu; Julia Sylva, Los Angeles; Greg Taber, Fresno; Voice of OC, Santa Ana; and Wendy Zlotlow, Carmichael.
Donation levels included:

One at $25

Two at $50

Two at $75

One at $83

Seven at $100

One at $200

Two at $250

One at $300

Two at $350

One at $500

One at $600

One at $650

Eight at $1000