OPEN MEETINGS — The Ledger-Dispatch in Jackson reports that some real-life, politically sensitive practices started popping up for discussion—by officials and citizen speakers alike—during a workshop on the open meeting and public records laws held at a meeting of the Amador County Board of Supervisors recently.

The proposed Wicklow Way subdivision wasn't on the table, but effectively stood in the wings Tuesday for Amador County Supervisors.
    During a public records and ethics workshop, comments from resident Jill North and county officials referred by name to Wicklow. Supervisors were in an annual refresher session on the Ralph M. Brown Public Records Act of California, which says elected officials must conduct public business in public.
    Part of a presentation by County Counsel Martha Shaver, in effect, prompted a dialogue around ethics questions North had raised minutes earlier.
    "The Wicklow proponent had time to speak in public, but went one-on-one with planning commissioners behind closed doors," North said.

While such lobbying as such does not violate the Brown Act, County Administrative Officer Terri Daly said for the sake of appearances it would be prudent policy to poll supervisors previous to an action item, asking, "Have any of you had private meetings on the topic?", and for supervisors receiving an e-mail on an agenda item, instead of forwarding it to other supervisors, to print it out and include it in the public agenda packet.