Officials’ Pay Hikes Eyed

Californians Aware is supporting a bill set for its first hearing next Wednesday in the Senate Committee on Governance and Finance that would require a local public body to provide an oral summary of a proposed raise in the pay or benefits of a principal executive prior to voting on it in open session. The bill would also state that related information would be available under the California Public Records Act.

Government Speech Shielded?

Public agencies and officials have no right to claim First Amendment protection for their actions, even though they are achieved through speech, Californians Aware argues in a friend of the court brief filed in Park v. Board of Trustees. The case involves a lawsuit by a professor of Korean ancestry at California State University, Los Angeles, alleging unlawful ethnic discrimination in denying him tenure.

LAPD Must Have Forgotten . . .

. . . that search warrants for journalists’ unpublished information are prohibited in California under Penal Code Section 1524: No warrant shall issue for any item or items described in section 1070 of the Evidence Code.