OPEN MEETINGS — The San Jose Mercury News, in an editorial, notes with approval the unusually open approach taken to reaching a certain decision.

The San Ramon Valley school board deserves a pat on the back for doing the right thing—for changing its mind and fully opening up its process for selection of a trustee to fill a board vacancy.
    The board has an opening because of the election of Trustee Joan Buchanan of Alamo to the state Assembly. The remaining board members, who will select her replacement, are soliciting applications. But the original plan had called for a closed-door subcommittee meeting to winnow the list before public interviews and selection by the full board.
    District spokesman Terry Koehne said the closed meeting was planned to avoid embarrassing applicants who didn't make the first cut. It was misguided thinking. Our inquiries to the district led to a change of heart. As board President Bill Clarkson told us, "If you're going to apply for this position, don't think it's going to be done in secrecy."