CalAware audited 194 K-12 districts throughout California, which represents just under one-fifth of the 1039 districts in the state. We audited both large, multi-school districts as well as small, single-school districts, and more than half the districts flunked the test. Please use the links below for complete audit information.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click here for the report that contains our general observations and both promising and disappointing anecdotes of agency responses and interactions. We also point out several trends contained within the requested material that may prove interesting beyond the legal compliance scope of our report.

Click here for an analysis of the results, including the grades, the individually scored items, and the stated copy fees.

Individual Reports
Click here to view each agency’s individual report, including an explanation of their grade, the complete email exchange between the auditor and the agency, all of the files produced by the agency, and the auditor’s narrative of his or her observations and impressions.

Click here to read a detailed explanation of our audit methodology from making the request to grading the results.

Media Coverage
Click here to view a complete list of all media coverage of the Community Colleges audit.

Records Requested and Why