Agency Name Jan 2006 Audit Aug 2006 Audit* Jan 2011 Audit**
Air Resources Board F+ F- A
Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs F+ C F+
Coastal Commission A- B- A+
Department of Consumer Affairs F- B B
Department of Corporations F- B+ A+
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation F- C F-
Department of Developmental Services A+ D- A+
Employee Development Department F- F- F-
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment C+ A+ A
State Board of Equalization D D+ D
Department of General Services D- B A+
Department of Health Care Services F- F- A+
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development C A+ D-
Department of Industrial Relations F- A+ A
Department of Insurance D C+ F-
Department of Justice F- A+ F
Department of Managed Health Care D+ A+ A+
Department of Mental Health F- A+ A+
Department of Motor Vehicles F- B A
State Parks F- A- D
Public Employees’ Retirement System F- D+ F-
Public Utilities Commission F- F- C-
Department of Real Estate C+ B+ C-
Secretary of State C+ F C+
Department of Social Services F- B- C+
State Teachers’ Retirement System A A+ D
Department of Toxic Substances Control A- A- B-
Department of Transportation F- C- A+
Department of Veterans Affairs F- C- A
Water Resources Control Board B- A- A
Department of Water Resources F- C- A


THREE AUDIT RESULTS SUMMARY Jan 2006 Audit Aug 2006 Audit* Jan 2011 Audit**
Agencies posting Guidelines for Records Access: 24 (77%) 21 (68%) 3 (10%)
Agencies providing Guidelines for Records Access
– within 1 hour: 19 (61%) 20 (65%) 7 (22%)
– within 1 day: 26 (84%) 20 (65%) 11 (35%)
Agencies Providing access to Form 700 – within 1 hour: 15 (48%) 18 (58%) 5 (16%)
– within 1 day: 25 (81%) 20 (65%) 10 (32%)
Agencies not imposing conditions nor requesting information from Auditor before providing Form 700: 14 (45%) 17 (55%) 9 (29%)
Agencies providing Salary Record within 10 days: 23 (74%) 23 (74%) 9(29%)
Agencies providing Settlement/Order within 10 days: 24 (77%) 22 (71%) 9 (29%)
* After training that resulted from an executive order by Governor Schwartzenegger
** After Governor Schwartzenegger leaves office, replaced by Governor Brown