To view the report for each individual agency, click on the agency below.  If you do not see an agency, it means we did not audit that agency (we only audited those agencies previously audited in 2006).   Each report contains a breakdown of that agency’s grade, a narrative from the auditor describing his experience, a link to the complete email exchange between our auditor and the agency, and links to the PDFs of the materials produced by the agency.

NOTE: To download a copy of these results in .xls format, click here.


Agency Name Audit Jan 2006 Audit Aug 2006 Audit Jan 2011
Air Resources Board F+ F- A
Coastal Commission A- B- A+
Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs F+ C F+
Department of Consumer Affairs F- B B
Department of Corporations F- B+ A+
Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation F- C F-
Department of Developmental Services A+ D- A+
Department of General Services D- B A+
Department of Health Care Services F- F- A+
Department of Industrial Relations F- A+ A
Department of Insurance D C+ F-
Department of Justice F- A+ F
Department of Managed Health Care D+ A+ A+
Department of Mental Health F- A+ A+
Department of Motor Vehicles F- B A
Department of Real Estate C+ B+ C-
Department of Social Services F- B- C+
Department of Toxic Substances Control A- A- B-
Department of Transportation F- C- A+
Department of Veterans Affairs F- C- A
Department of Water Resources F- C- A
Employee Development Department F- F- F-
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment C+ A+ A
Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development C A+ D-
Public Employees’ Retirement System F- D+ F-
Public Utilities Commission F- F- C-
Secretary of State C+ F C+
State Board of Equalization D D+ D
State Parks F- A- D
State Teachers’ Retirement System A A+ D
Water Resources Control Board B- A- A