FREE PRESS — Jayne Lyn Stahl writes in Huffington Post that, with respect to a plan by Time Warner Cable to shut fourteen public access cable TV studios in Los Angeles two days from now,

The response from those who abhor monopolies, and the ability of media conglomerates to strongarm the community must be swift, and decisive. Whether you live in Santa Monica, New York City, Boston, or Des Moines, Iowa, should Time Warner prevail on December 31st, what happens in Los Angeles will affect you.
    Those who share this concern for protecting the integrity of the First Amendment, independent programming, and preventing a media shark from swallowing all the little fish, must act quickly by contacting California Attorney General Brown at:, and urging him to seek injunctive relief under the California Business and Professions Code 17200, Section 3, Unfair Business Practices.

See previous post.  Leslie Dutton, whose Full Disclosure program would be ended with the shutdown, comments:

It is important to note that the DIVCA legislation enacted in 2007 provides for the Cable Franichise Fees to continue to flow to the Cities. In Los Angeles that is estimated at $25 million. With DIVCA now shifting the responsibilities for providing the public access studio/channel system to the Cities, there is an additional 2% or $5 million to be made available for such a purpose. The City of Los Angeles has approved an option that does not provide for even a single designated channel for public access. With the loss of 14 public access studios and channels this December 31st, the City's intent becomes clear, the fees paid by the cable subscribers in their monthly bills will go to the general fund and not for public access, thus silencing the public.