INFORMATION: AB 1148 (Brownley) would:

  • require that a candidate or ballot measure appearing in the slate mailer be designated by an asterisk if the slate mailer organization or committee primarily formed to support or oppose one or more ballot measures that is sending the slate mailer has received payment to include the candidate or ballot measure in the slate mailer;
  • require “independent” campaign advertisements that are not authorized by a candidate or an agent of the candidate to disclose, in a prescribed format, the three largest identifiable contributors, as defined, to the committee that paid for the advertisement;
  • require mass mailings or print advertisements that are paid for by persons who are not committees to disclose the name of the person as the funder of the mass mailing or print advertisement; and
  • require that certain committees establish and maintain a committee website disclosing the top five identifiable contributors and providing a link to the website maintained by the Secretary of State for campaign finance disclosures of the committee. The bill would require these advertisements to identify the address of the committee disclosure website.