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    Pat Snelling


    The Board passed a Resolution to change the signature cards Checking/Saving account.

    The General Manager and Board President took “All” the Board members signatures 9-days later for ALL their investment accounts:, Revolving Fund, and Investment Funds — Without Board Resolution.

    Two Board members do not want to be bothered with it, leaving two that are concerned, one of which is the Board Treasure.

    The two members do not care the Board is NOT abiding by their own resolutions.

    I did a Public Records Request. They ONLY gave me part of the information I requested. (Treasure showed me a $16,000 check that was voided.) But the District will not show me withdrawl requests, and will not show the Signatures of who signed the check that was not authorized. They say it’s not Public information.

    Does the public have the right to know who pulled money out, and where the money went? Or is this private, even from the public elected Board members?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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